TRISTAR FURNITURE is leading furniture house of Bangladesh, the Company situated on 2006,
We are providing home furniture to our Customer's as well as our society successfully by introducing our modern design and Tristar quality. 
Since most people choose comfort and elegant design’s furniture for his living room, to archive his living slandered, 
So that we start finding which will be well-matched furniture for home that can insure batter living and best decoration, we come to success in 4 years long hard work by introducing our creativity and experience. Thanks to almighty for that. 
People spend most of his time in the living room so that this is one please where we should express our personality also, we feel that emotionally and try our best to support our society to achieve living standard by introducing our product.
we are three friends start thinking together how we can make our home wonderful like heaven by introducing furniture and interior, we try our best to find furniture from our traditional market, but we failed to find and our  our dream was unsuccessful ,for that we have to  setup furniture factory to make our dream furniture our self, we have started our success history by introducing very hard work and our tactful designing skills. 
We are three working together to achieve our vision so people called our organization name